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Xscale - Software



Icon and Brand designer



Plexpert Canada and Germany


Level up your scale solutions

B2B software meant to upgrade scales functions for plastic industry production and quality control in injection molding process. This free of charge software is available in English, German, Thai and Chinese.

Social media Xscale promotional material

For this project, I did collaboration on visual design elements (iconography for buttons), as well as branding of the software product. Moreover, I also have been in charge of designing the promotional material for this software for social media.

Part of the challenge in the software was that for the pre-stablished UX design of the software, due to agreements with other companies involved in the project. This means that my main task was to create iconography for the buttons, and for some visual instructions, that will integrate properly with the rest of the software.


Examples of instructional graphics I designed for the software use

For the icon design used in this software, I was in communication with experts in injection molding process in Europe and Asia, in order to create visual elements that could make the most sense to them.


Moreover, I was able to have influence on integrating a glossary system of plastic industry in the software, as well as a traffic light system that would indicate the required attention on certain processed figures.

In addition to this visual design for this software, I also did video edition and LMS web-layout for the online course of how to use Xscale software.

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