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Plastics View Eye - App



Visual design, UX/UI,

Graphic design



Plexpert Canada and Germany


Upgrade your view for a more 

connected process

App developed to be paired with Tooz smart glasses used in injection 
molding production shop floors. With the help of beacons (signal transmitters) or QR code labels strategically placed in an injection molding facility, this app displays synchronously the same visual information that a user sees through the smart glasses, including the interface and camera view.

The received information includes notes and news from other team members, setting data of a certain injection molding machine, and even steps of how to address injection molding production defects.

Motion graphics video I produced Feature promo for Google Play Store

For Plastics View Eye app, we consulted experienced professionals in injection molding part production. Later, it took us to explore possible conditions that a shop floor operator might commonly have during production.


Conditions such as:

• Have more than a few injection molding machines working at the same time.

• Ever-changing and unexpected situations in the middle of a part production project,

• The need for clear communication.


Therefore, for these conditions, we ideated and implemented the following features for Plastics View Eye:

• Options to re-send and filter messages when the smart glasses camera is looking at a certain injection molding machine's transmitter device.

• Ability to receive information not just from transmitter devices but also by scanning QR code labels that can be set quickly to provide project updates.

• With the help of transmitters and integration of other Plexpert products, InMold Solver and Xmold, the app can receive messages created in those software products.

• The app has a view that is in synchrony to the same information that is shown through the glasses.  Therefore, it is easy to share to other team members.


• The used iconography goes in accordance with the rest of the icons used in other Plexpert apps, software products and web services.

• We also decided to implement a button in the mobile screen that would do the same function as the button placed in the smart glasses frame. Therefore, a user would have another way to accommodate themselves.

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