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Plastics CO2e - App



Visual design, UX/UI,

Graphic design



Plexpert Canada and Germany


A CO2e calculator for

plastic industry companies

Amid challenges and goals regarding to climate change,  Plastics CO2e was developed to find improvable points during all the given steps for injection-molding part production and distribution.

This tool app asks an array of diverse questions regarding part design, mold design/making, production process and transportation, in order to provide a calculation result of the total CO2 emissions in a given injection molding project profile.

Feature motion graphics video I created

to be displayed on Google Play Store

With the research based on interviewing and consulting experts in the environment and professionals in the plastic industry, as well as doing some app competition audits, we had an understanding of what information and process will be the most meaningful for a user who is involved in plastic part production.

For instance, since the app requires so much input data from the user (regarding used parameters in a certain production profile) in order to process a more accurate result, we considered that a list of straightforward questions would be a great fit to an idea of making this process more friendly and dynamic.


For such questions, we implemented the idea of using iconography representing the topic of each item and different colors and tones to categorize these questions by all the part production steps:  Part Design, Mold Design/Making, Injection Molding Process and Shipping. This was done with the intention of doing the displayed information more approachable and easier to digest. 


As for the interaction to answer each question, based on what we found with test users, we found that some users appreciate that they can input a number by just dragging in our app, while others preferred to still have the option to input the data by actually typing the number. Therefore, we applied both interaction input systems.

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