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Mugogy Jump! - Game product




Art direction, Visual design, UX/UI, Graphic design




1 Simple Game


Jump up!

Mobile game product released on iOS, Android and PlayStation Vita by a creative agency and mobile game developer, 1 Simple Game (1 Simple Idea MX).

For this product, I was in charge of art direction, visual design, UX /UI and brand design, as well the production of most of the 2D art and advertising design.

Teaser video edition and main character design created by other team members of 1 Simple Game (1 Simple Idea MX)


As part of the development of this project,

we had some research based on competition audit and surveys performed to other mobile game developer partner companies in order to understand more about the current trends of mobile games.


With this base, we did brainstorming sessions to later plan, design and create our first prototypes, including early interface and gameplay elements. Prototypes that later were shared not just with other game development companies again, but also with some more general public that we consider closer to our target market.

After each round with the testers, we learned more about the direction we should point our efforts, including the design interface I was creating and polishing.

One of the biggest challenge was that we wanted to have the game product to be as light as possible, meaning that it should not require so much phone processing memory or megabytes in space. Therefore, people would be more willing to keep this product in their smartphones for more time.

Of course, this made a prominent influence on designing the interface. So I had to came with an interface that is fun and enjoyable to use, and still it shouldn't be that charged of too many visual elements or interactions that could consume mobile space or even cause lagging in the game.


Video showing interface interaction in menus and gameplay


Beside designing the UX / UI and branding in this product, I also had the privilege to design most of the in-game 2D visual assets, such as backgrounds and game objects.

Not to mention that I also participated on creating some of the printed and digital promotional material of the game.

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