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Plexpert - Virtual Booth




Graphic design,

Visual design, UX / UI




Plexpert Canada and Germany





Virtual trade fair

for plastic industry

Web-based virtual booth featuring plastics technology developed at Plexpert. This interactive image hotspot widget is run at the same time that international trade fairs in plastics are being held, such as K-Show and Chinaplas. 

Plexpert virtual booth for trade fairs in 2022.

The interactive elements that were implemented were the following:


• Image hotspots that provide further information on a selected item.

• A downloadable flyer of what is offered at Plexpert.

• Video commercials featuring Plexpert's services and products.

• An emission counter that gives an approximate of how much CO2e was saved by the company's actions every day during the trade fair.

• A live chat function to have a conversation with a representative at certain hours.

• Pop-up window for screen sharing.


Virtual booth with an image hotspot activated.

Visual material that was used to recreate the virtual booth scene.

Different character positions and features in the booth

get changed every day during the duration of a trade fair period.

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