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Certespiri - Safe mask




Graphic design, Campaign design, Visual design




Plexpert Canada and Germany




Kickstarter, Website


A mask up for

today’s life and work

As a respond to the global high demand of reliable safety masks, Certespiri was conceived as a transparent and sustainable mask, including other related safety accessories.

In this project I designed  the product branding as well as the Kickstarter campaign strategy an all visuals.

Teaser trailer of Certespiri, with the latest model design of the mask


In detail, I was responsible on planning and executing the communication for the Kickstarter campaign during the time it was active and also after its funding goal was reached.

Therefore, I designed the layout and visuals showed on the crowdfunding campaign page, as well as I developed the main promotional Kickstarter video and various other videos for the campaign updates.


Moreover, I designed the product branding and printed material such as design for the packaging and instructional manual of how to use the products.


Furthermore, I was in charged of designing promotional material such as social media videos and website.

One of the biggest challenges was to building credibility in a new brand of a product related to health and hygiene. So for the visual design of the campaign it was decided to use light colors with minimalistic elements in order to project a sense of clear air.

Main Kickstarter campaign video,

showing the original design of Certespiri mask

Additionally, we wanted to provide very clear and digestible information so we had to accompany each new information or update with descriptive images and illustrative videos

Therefore, I was in charge to create video edition and other design material to make this post-campaign visual communication effective. One example is the following motion graphics video I created to illustrate some of the delays we experience with shipping and COVID-19 limitations.

One of various videos I created for the project updates 

The campaign was successfully 220% funded.


Nevertheless, we continue our frequent communication with the backers that supported the project, by providing updates regarding the mass production of the mask, as well as the shipping and challenges.

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